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The Best Local Movers In Big Bear Since 1963

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Best Local Movers In Big Bear Since 1963


To be the best movers in Big Bear our men are more than just strong, it is crucial they have finesse and patience. Our professionals from Big Bear Moving are more than just muscle. Having tecnique and all the professional supplies to protect your floor, doors, and walls is the difference. Big Bear Movers will protect your property knowing you have given our team your trust to move your property. Full service local and Interstate moving services take the same precaution for your furniture. For that reason, we include disassembly of anything that must be than wrap it in thick furniture pads to prevent any damage no matter what type of service you reserve.

Local or Long Distance No Job Is Too Big

The Professional Movers In Big Bear come from Big Bear Moving, but as the largest family owned company in California we additional resources through other branches. Having the ability to get extra help from Redlands Moving, Beaumont Moving, and even San Bernardino Moving. who can assist us in meeting your moving needs.  Since 1963 we have been known locally for providing the best full-service movers in Big Bear. Regardless if you need to move locally or you plan on moving out of state we can help. We provide Local and Interstate moving service for your residential, commercial, or even apartment relocation. Big Bear Moving can handle every step of your move while protecting your home at the same time.

Big Bear Movers Are The Best At What We Do

Big Bears professional movers are more than just strong, it is crucial they have finesse and patience. The expert movers will also protect all your property by using floor, door, and entry covers. Professional Movers in Big Bear protect your property knowing how important that is to our customers. Full service local and Interstate moving services take the same precaution for your furniture. For that reason, we include disassembly of anything that must be than wrap it in thick furniture pads to prevent any damage.

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Big Trucks For Big Jobs Local Or Interstate

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Well Maintained & Green Emissions

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Pristine Trucks – No Junk Removal Sorry

What Is Full-Service Local Moving?

When you start to shop around for a moving company to move locally, you will see that when you are moving under 100 miles the cost is calculated by time and an hourly rate. Before the move, no other movers other than Big Bear Moving are located on the mountain so you will only be able to get a verbal guesstimate. On the other hand, if you need us to take a look, we will set up a date for an in-person estimate so you can plan your financials for the date. The professional movers from Big Bear Moving will do everything involved in your move for you from start to finish. Big Bears movers will provide all the boxes, wrapping paper, tape, padding, furniture blankets, and equipment necessary to move your household items. The movers will wrap and pack all of your belongings properly, load them in their truck safely, transport them to your new home, unpack everything, and set it all up where you want in your house. Our full service moving takes the stress that is associated with moving. Give us the chance to show you the new standard in the moving industry.

How We Became A Leader In Interstate Moving

Big Bear Moving has gained the trust of most well-known realtors in the mountains. Both Coldwell Banker locations in Blue Jay and Big Bear refer their clients to our company because they know we deliver what we promise. The same can be said for both Re?MAX locations in the same cities regardless if it is for a small local move or a long distance interstate move. to Lake Arrowhead on But Also Down The Hill Is Trusted in Redlands, Yucaipa, Beaumont, Highland, Loma Linda, Banning, and Calimesa! We are not just the best local movers, but also well known for Interstate – Long Distance Moves In The Western 13.

Most Movers Are Not Legally Able To Provide Interstate Moving Service.

The moving service for Long-distance moves or even when your moving out of state is different than local moves (moving a short distance) and interstate mover (moves that occur within the same state) because they involve moving goods across state lines. Long-distance moves require the special authority to transport customers’ items from one state to another.

This authority is granted by federal regulators. Van lines that offer long-distance moving are also required by law to carry specific insurance policies. These regulations are designed to protect the customer and their belongings. It is important that you are able to distinguish reputable long-distance moving companies from fraudulent or “rogue” movers who have been known for holding personal property hostage for additional fees and other scams.

We Make Moving Out Of State Easy And Stress-Free.

When you set up a free in-home estimate with our company, we assess the size of your current and future home. We then take into account the number of floors in your current and new home, the weight of your property and the distance of your move to determine your final moving cost. Most importantly, we provide you with guaranteed, not to exceed pricing.  That means once we commit to weight and total cost that is it NO  CHANGES OR SURPRISES.

As a customer, you should not consider anyone who does not provide this type of estimate FROM THE START. These type of companies will give you low ball pricing just to say ” I am sorry there is more weight than we thought, we need to charge a few extra thousand dollars”. Sadly, there is nothing you can do once they have your stuff! So give us a call and we will get you set up for the long distance move you have coming up. We guarantee we will not let you down.

The Best Local and Interstate moving services provided by Big Bear Moving in Big Bear, CA.

We Make Moving Out Of State Easy And Stress-Free.

With years of packing and moving experience, we know how to get. They safely from point A to point B! So even if you can handle the rest of the packing yourself but want to play it safe, we can help you with a packing plan.We offer helpful packing tips and can also help you arrange all the boxes, packing materials, and other moving supplies you Moving.


Professionals – Not Amateurs In Blank Uhauls


You get what You Pay For, Cheap Movers = Scratched Walls & Floors

We take pride in our profession, so you can feel comfortable.

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